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Whist we make every attempt to keep all bedding in stock there may be occasions when we are out of stock – please contact us to check availability on  (01379) 674663



Here at Leafield Equestrian Ltd we are able to offer a superb selection of animal bedding options all at extremely competitive prices.  We pride ourselves with the quality of our products and our ability to provide a prompt and polite service.


Large Flake Shavings

Our large flake shavings are the highest quality kiln dried pine shavings.  They are rigorously screened for dust and small particles meaning our bales have one of the lowest levels of dust available from any shavings manufacturer making them suitable for animals with allergies or respiratory problems.

Our large flake shavings are available all year round.


Small Flake Shavings

Our small flake shavings are white and fluffy and make a very attractive bed for livestock.

These are usually available all year round.


Chopped Rape Straw

The finest chopped rape straw makes a highly absorbent bedding which is dust extracted.  It is treated against mold and has a pleasant fragrance which can help to deter flies.



Cardboard bedding is a clean, comfortable and highly absorbent which is perfect for animals with allergies or respiratory problems.

It is very eco-friendly, as made from recycled material that is completely biodegradable.


Free Delivery

We offer free delivery subject to a minimum order.  Our delivery route covers the whole of East Anglia and beyond with a fleet of vehicles including smaller vans as well as large lorries, thus allowing us to deliver to all addresses.





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